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How cand modular construction help you ?

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Metaligna uses new & eco-friendly methods with direct expertise in creating a harmony between nature and community.

Metaligna is poised to become an industry leader — combining the expertise of CFS & modular building with the ingenuity of wood by-products; to create a one of a kind solution.

A solution that allows for the advanced, sustainable construction of modular buildings.

For anyone that wants a housing solution within a few days, modular construction is for you.
Visit the images below to look at some of our past work.

Some of our designs

Berlin, Germany, May 2020

Sweden, July 2018

Quebec city, June 2019

Ottawa, October 2019

New york city, June 2019

Toronto, ON, August 2019

California, April 2019

Lagos, Febuary 2020

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“Metaligna should be nominated for business of the year. The process was quick and I had a house in a few days. Couldn’t have been better. Thank you Metaligna!”

Makhi Blanchard

“Keep up the excellent work. I’d be lost without Metaligna.”

Alfred Mcneil