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Modular Building

Our mission is to manufacture energy efficient modular solutions, using innovative technologies.

Flexible Design

Multiple options using modular fabrication production methods. 

Rapid Fabrication

Metaligna operates using a ‘Functional Automated Sustainable Technology method or F.A.S.T.
Leaving less downtime between construction stages, less waste, and quicker time to completion and superior pricing to conventional manufacturing practices.   

We are the leaders in developing solutions for the construction market

Building A Sustainable Future Means

Modular Building

Modular construction has been increasing in popularity.

From the outset the modular building method provides a cost effective, energy efficient construction practice. 

Construction happens off-site, in controlled environments, with assembly running concurrently with site prep, dramatically reducing time and material usage. 

The modular construction method is proving to be one of the most sustainable building solutions. Offering a quicker, stronger, more flexible, environmentally supportive sustainable construction in any climate. 

Our Story

Two companies, two technologies, one combined vision.

“To create unique & sustainable solutions
for a better world.”

Using revolutionizing modular CFS building methods paired with a clear, concise robotic process, to accelerate building construction.

With insight in sustainable building, working with other sustainability leaders in challenging the status quo. Metaligna uses new & eco-friendly methods with direct expertise in creating a harmony between nature and community.

Metaligna is poised to become an industry leader — combining the expertise of CFS & modular building with the ingenuity of wood by-products; to create a one of a kind solution.

A solution that allows for the advanced, sustainable construction of modular buildings.

Our Top Priorities

Energy Efficient

Modular homes offer an energy savings standard that is second to none. Developed in structured robotic manufacturing environments & using efficient production processes that further reduce material, time and energy wastage.

Sustainable Automated Construction

The Metaligna solution uses advanced wood technologies that incorporate recycled wood by-products & reclaimed steel products reducing the requirement for new product manufacturing and further depletion of environmental resources.

Climate Sensitive Structures

Using environmentally supportive materials, Metaligna’s  modular manufacturing process combines repurposed wood by-product & cold formed steel technology to produce modular buildings that can be erected in any climate.  

Our Team

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds bringing together the best in modular construction
and environmental sustainability awareness.

We are hiring !

Looking to be part of our ever-growing team? Have the drive to change the world? Is a head full of ideas on how to improve the building industry? We want to hear all about you!

Contact us at the following email careers@metaligna.com, don’t forget to include details about you and your glowing resume.

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